Tailgate Menus

Hudson's Classic Catering Tailgate Menu has you ready for the big game!

Spring, summer or fall, everyone knows that the hallmark of any good tailgate is the food. The spirit of the game and the love of your team are coursing through your veins. Your friends and family have all gathered around your tent and are ready for the pre-game feast before the game. How did you prepare for the big game?

If you called Hudson’s for one of our All-Pro tailgating packages, your tailgate will surely go into overtime. Most coaches can find the play they need prepared on our menu. Our tailgating packages start at $19.95, and we can find a play that will fill the whole team. With our Bulk dishes and sides, you can put together that perfect play when the playbook does not have the perfect pre-planned call.

Baseball, Football, Softball….or whatever your sport, Call Hudson’s Classic Catering today to get your tailgate tent primed for victory.

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