"It’s a hobby gone wild!”

The great folks of Hudson's Classic Catering

Humble beginnings… a man, a pig , a grill and our father Robin’s avocation for cooking for family and friends is how it all came to life in 1995 years before Hudson’s Smokehouse opened in Lexington SC. The Smokehouse which was originally constructed to be our catering kitchen with 6 picnic tables for weekend takeout, eventually evolved to a 200 capacity seating restaurant and catering kitchen after years of additions. After years of proudly serving the Lexington area, winning numerous awards, and catering the likes of John Madden’s Sunday night football and the governor’s inaugural ball our vision of Hudson’s Smokehouse was complete….or so we thought

As fate would have it, our catering department would go on to triple in size and add a state of the art catering facility, numerous vehicles to our fleet, mobile kitchens, and a professional catering team. Little did we know, that catering BBQ and  all southern favorites would lead to chef inspired culinary cuisine and the start of Hudson’s Classic Catering which offers the best of both worlds. From Down Home to Up Town we look forward to providing you and guests with a delicious and memorable experience.

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